Golden 1 Center Opens to the Kings

The Golden 1 Center recently opened to much fanfare as it hosted the preseason home opener of the Sacramento Kings. In addition to serving as the home of the franchise, it will be a special event center hosting concerts and large conferences. It is expected to increase the revenue potential for the owners of the Kings as well as help boost the economy of Sacramento.


The New Arena Keeps Up With Current Trends


Golden 1 Center is much like Levi Stadium in Santa Clara and AT&T Field in Dallas. The homes of the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys are more than just places where fans can watch the home team play. They also feature museums and places where fans or just everyday residents can get married. The goal of new stadiums and arenas is to offer something for everyone who goes there whether they are rooting for the team or not.


How Will It Impact the Kings on the Court?


While the new arena may attract fans this season because it is new and a relative unknown, it may not help the Kings play any better. They are still a franchise that is bereft of talent both on the court and among the coaches on the sideline. The owners are also seen as relatively stingy, which means that they care more about making a profit than whether or not they win a championship.


It Could Help Lure Free Agents


Although it may not help this season, the promise of a new arena and the facilities that go with it could help to lure free agents to the team. They will need to build around franchise center DeMarcus Cousins, who is being wasted on a team that consistently loses 50 or more games a season. Players may also tempted to join the team because they can make money fast. Unless they are paid higher than a market rate, there would be little other reason to join the franchise.


College Teams Will Play at the Arena as Well


In addition to Kings games, there will be college basketball contests featured at the arena. One matchup involves San Diego State taking on California in what should be an interesting game between regional rivals. Conference and NCAA tournament games may also be held there in the future. This will give basketball fans who are turned off by the King’s recent stretch of poor play the ability to see players who may join the team in the future via the draft.


Getting to the Arena is Relatively Easy


There are multiple ways in which fans can get to the arena in a convenient and affordable manner. First, it may be possible to take advantage of the rail and bus lines that are now being routed to within walking distance of the Garden 1 Center. There are also bike racks and walking paths that those close by can use to get to the arena without the need to drive, or there are dedicated pick-up and drop-off spots for those using ride sharing services.


If you are a Kings fan, a basketball fan or just looking for something to do, the Garden 1 Center may be your destination of choice. With ease of transportation and the hottest events in the country, there will always be something in town worth doing.

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